Learning lessons, breaking free from our prisons

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This morning I wrote over at ChicagoNow Bittersweet.com about lessons to be learned from our “prisons.”

In life we will all find ourselves in prisons of all kinds -physical, emotional, mental, relational.

I believe there are lessons to be learned and reasons we are all dealing with all that we deal with.

I heard a message this weekend that helps make a little sense of it all.

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Sunday Church inspires, renews,


Hi all, please visit Chicago Now Bittersweet and read my post inspired after being spiritually “pushed” into going to church today!

If you read Bittersweet last night, you know why I needed a little nudge this morning! But I am grateful  I “felt” the nudge and went.

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Mother and child on a cold Christmas Eve

I know I usually write once a week on Sunday or Monday, but I have this unwavering nagging in my heart. And I am filled with worry and sadness.

Remember the post I wrote a few weeks back about helping out someone this Christmas season with money?

Well, on Christmas Eve my family and I stopped in at a homeless shelter in Elgin Illinois on our way to the big Christmas Eve celebration with our family.  It was a typical cold and gray Chicago winter day.

I let my mind be free and did not have a real plan as we drove there as to how I’d find the person to help with new warm socks and $100 I had in my pocket. I just wanted to be in the moment and let the Holy Spirit guide me. I prayed before I went there. I asked God to lead me to the person who would most need a little extra help on that day. Well truth is, obviously, if they are eating at a homeless shelter on Christmas Eve they all need help. I prayed that God would lead me to the person who would use the money  in the best way for themselves.

Now, walking into the shelter there were quite a few men and women, different races and ages. All homeless. Then something, some energy, some supernatural source outside of my control led me to this beautiful little toddler  and her mom. (IVE DELETED THEIR NAMES TO PROTECT THEM).

I knelt down and talked to the mom and her beautiful, big blue eyed, light blonde  haired baby girl. She oozed sweetness.  Mom had her all dressed up in a little Christmas dress, red ruffle socks, she looked all ready for Santa Clause. They were eating a desert of pumpkin pie. Mom looked tired and weary, but it showed that with the obvious little she had, she took great care of her  baby girl, likely the only person in this whole world who gives her real, true, selfless love.

I commented on how pretty her girl was and asked how they were doing. I asked where they would sleep that night and the mom said they stay overnight in the shelter.

I asked her if I could do something for her and her daughter, if I could give them something. The mom looked at me a little suspicious. From my coat pocket I pulled out the new warm pair of fuzzy socks with $100 wrapped up in them. I opened up the socks just enough for her to see the $20 bills and said “I want to give this to you for you and your baby.” She was stunned. She said “This is so unexpected”, “I don’t know what possessed you this morning when you woke up to do this, but thank you, God Bless you.”

I really didn’t want her to feel bad and told her that we all need help sometimes and I was happy to help her and I hope it helps her and her baby.

We talked some more, she said she had been homeless for 4 months, she had been living with a boyfriend, the child’s dad, but he was abusive. She also said she has family in the area but that they were not an option to stay with. I asked what her plans were. I asked if she was looking for work, a place to live, she said all of the above.

I know they have to leave the shelter at 4 p.m. and then can return at 7 p.m. so I asked where do they go in those cold three hours. She said sometimes they’d go to the library.

Her baby started crying because she wanted the new socks her mom was holding onto in her tight grip. So now I felt bad, making her mom stress over her now crying baby. So, I gave the baby my gold necklace. This baby lit up, so happy!

Then I got a bit nervous, someone might notice me giving her money and put her in danger somehow. So I hugged her and her baby, said “Merry Christmas, God bless you.”

The baby followed us out toward the door……Mom came and got her and we said good-bye.

They went back to their pumpkin pie and I left and got into a nice, warm car, with my family and we all went to a wonderful Christmas party with loads of food, goodies and presents and lots and lots of love and laughter.

But I thought about the mother and her child, and where they were. And where were they the next night, the next night and where are they tonight? Are they safe? Are they warm?

I feel kind of guilty. My girls and I, even my dogs and cat, are warm and safe in our beds and we have a ton of  good food at our disposal.

Now what?

What do I do?

Did I help her or did I make things worse for her? Will she find a warm, safe, soft place for her and her baby to call home?

On Christmas Day, my daughter, Emily, and I went to see Les Miserables. There is a scene where a man rescues a fragile, tired woman living in the streets and trying to make money to care for her baby daughter. He picks her up just as she is about to collapse, he holds her tight and he says “rest.”

I pray someone gives this mother and child rest.

Please pray for them and all the other homeless people out in the cold tonight.

Love each other.

Where was God?

Where was God this week?

Where was God on Friday morning about 9:30 a.m. East Coast time? Was He shopping at the mall? Was He in a traffic jam? Was He on vacation? Was He sitting at his desk? Was He just not paying attention? Did He not know that some lunatic with guns was breaking windows to enter into a school and then murdering precious little children?

How dare He not be there. How dare God not keep them safe.

I think this is a normal reaction, whether you are a good, faithful Christian or not.

But here is my answer, I believe God was there. He was in that elementary building with his arms wrapped so tight around all of those innocent children and their loving teachers who fought so hard, many with their lives, to protect His most beloved. He carried their tender souls to Heaven where He had already prepared them a new home.

I know He was there. Then He was with the parents of the children, when they fell to their knees weeping in unspeakable pain. He was there.

I must trust what the Bible teaches me. He was, and is, and always will be there.

One day we will know why this happened. One day He will tell us.

It will not ever heal the way we, as a nation, need to be healed, the way the mommies of those babies desperately need to be healed. Not now anyways.

I keep going back to this one thought. On Saturday morning those mommies woke up and their babies were not tucked safe in their beds, as they very well should have been.

But what gets me through? What makes me not turn against God?

I believe they were in God’s arms in Heaven Saturday morning. And I believe they watched with unspeakable love as their mommies wept. I believe they were holding their mommies as God was holding onto them. And they were once again safe.

See you next week. Until then hold onto your loved ones as God is holding onto you this very moment.