Learning lessons, breaking free from our prisons

Hi friends, family and followers:

This morning I wrote over at ChicagoNow Bittersweet.com about lessons to be learned from our “prisons.”

In life we will all find ourselves in prisons of all kinds -physical, emotional, mental, relational.

I believe there are lessons to be learned and reasons we are all dealing with all that we deal with.

I heard a message this weekend that helps make a little sense of it all.

Please click on link below and let me know you visited. I value your comments and feedback.


One thought on “Learning lessons, breaking free from our prisons

  1. I agree…often a choice of self-imprisonment is made and not a consequence of circumstances. A selfish outlook can sometimes bring on woe.

    Love is an active noun. It is not merely an abstraction…love and goodness have power. If we love and give more we can liberate ourselves from whatever prisons in which we seem to have trapped ourselves.


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