Recovery, humanity and celebrity

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The Bad Celebrity and Facebook

I have to say what I am about to post this morning is not anything I was considering writing about. But I read this on Facebook this morning and my heart sank for this stranger and it just didn’t feel right to ignore the feeling.

How would you feel if you woke up this morning and read this on your Facebook wall?

 “***** you are a piece of excrement…feces…the lowest form of life possible. You are the result of pedophile rape, a nasty bloody discharge on a Kleenex nobody wants. There is no lower form of like than your nasty, disgusting black a**. I hope you suffer a horrendous death from sickle cell, AIDS, or some other painful demise which only you could deserve. Rot in f****** hell (person’s name deleted here) you filthy piece of s***……”

This is an actual comment I just read on some celebrity’s page. I don’t know this celebrity or his/her work at all. I am not exactly sure what they  have done that has drawn out this sort of hateful comment.

Whatever happened to what we learned as children? “If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.”

I deleted the name for this person’s privacy, respect and out of pure empathy and sadness for whatever this person, the target of this anger, is going through. They are clearly not in a good place and this ugly comment, which I pray they never read, is only going to sink him/her deeper into his/her own self-loathing.

Then there was this on the same person’s page:

“I am praying for you (name deleted)…..that’s real talk. Some of your (work) is on some deep conscious and I can appreciate your mind ……God is able to do ALL things……ALL things.”

And there was this, though these types of comments, I’ll admit, were hard to find:

(Name deleted) “… hang in there where ever you are.”

I saw one incident that this person committed and it was ridiculous and mean. Absolutely, I am not excusing the bad behavior. But,  I could see from the video there was something wrong with this person. He/she is clearly troubled and in need of some help, support, love. I think their behavior is the outside expression to what they are feeling inside about themselves and their life.

It can be hard to love or care about people like this person. I know.  But truth is there are so many more people like him/her out in the world than those who are confident, loving and vested in themselves and others.

Truth is, we are one super large community and when one of us is hurt we are all hurt. And we all show our hurt in different ways. Some have people to love them through the hurt and pain so they don’t lash out against others, but more often, many do not. Many are alone with their personal demons and self-loathing.

I don’t even know this person, but the hateful comments are not going to help them to become better, more loving. They only confirm what they are already feeling about themselves. He/she does not feel loved, worthy, cared for, valued. These are the greatest gifts we can give to another human being.

When we see people down, ugly and nasty as they can be, let’s remember at one time they were someone’s little, gentle, innocent infant. That baby was only needing love and kindness. Maybe this person, this celebrity,  is who he/she is today because he/she never received that love and kindness. Who knows.

This person is young, there is still a chance they will realize there is a better, more loving way to go through life.

I do hope he/she reads more of the positive messages on Facebook, though as I said they are hard to find.

So, then what does that say about the authors of the nasty comments?

I know it’s hard, but we need to love those who seem the least deserving, or even accepting of love.

I think when people are in the worst stages of their bad behavior, they are truly begging, screaming out for our love.

They are like infants again and all they need is a warm, soft place to fall.

Please, let’s all do better.

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