The Other Side opening April 27! (Oh and Jimmy Kimmel joked about it last night!)

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I can honestly say that I have never written a story that has gone on to become a joke on late night TV!!!

I think I have finally written something that people care about! Please visit ChicagoNow and read my Bittersweet post today. (link below)

The story of how these young men came together, through the defeat of their drug addictions and alcoholism, is so cool, encouraging and hopeful. It’s actually quite refreshing.

And their efforts are so heroic I’d say, when you think how we live in such a sad time, when day after day, we hear of yet another young person dying from a heroine overdose, or going to jail because of something to do with drugs. Stories of kids – my kids, your kids, our kids- causing irreversible life-long damage to themselves is all-too common.

These guys somehow beat the odds and their new sober club opens April 27 in Crystal Lake.

Parents love them and the town supports them. They have gotten tremendous press coverage, and oh, did I mention Jimmy Kimmel joked about the club last night on his show!

There is a wall in their club dedicated to friends they have lost in recent months to drug overdoses. They keep their photos up as a reminder of what their true altruistic purpose is in this life.

Please visit Bittersweet and read about how it all began. Please let me know you visited, like, comment and share! It is worth your time to read how these guys did what they are doing!

A story of hope worth sharing

I normally don’t post links to actual stories I’ve written in the Chicago Tribune, but this is an exception I think worthy to do so. This story (link below) is about a group of young guys who by many folks’ standards might be considered common delinquents, people many would write off as never going to do well or be productive members of society.

In my work I typically read and write stories about young people -even older people- who are alcoholics and drug addicts either dying from their addictions, stealing to support their addictions or killing another person in the process of their addictions.

But this story is quite the opposite of all we have come to know about young people abusing drugs and alcohol. And I am so proud and happy that I stumbeld  up on this story and was blessed with the opportunity to tell their story.

These guys also will be on Bill Moller’s WGN radio show Saturday Jan. 26 to share their story of recovery and outreach to  help others. Please click on the link below and share the story with others. And I hope you see, as I have, that even in the darkest places there is always a glimmer of hope, and people can change if they truly want to.,0,2130477.story

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Recovery, humanity and celebrity

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