Clara’s Heart

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I was touched by the stories of Mrs. Clara Kirk and her efforts to help abused and homeless women and children in the Englewood community. She needs more help then I could ever give, but I figure if God put it on my heart to write about her then maybe I can reach those who can help her further!

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Victory and tragedy – Another tale of Bittersweet

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The Other Side is open – patrons finding hope -and a little fun- while seeking sobriety

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The Other Side, the long-awaited sober nightclub in Crystal Lake (made famous recently by Jimmy Kimmel) is now open and so far so good!

Please stop by Bittersweet over at ChicagoNow read a little story I wrote for the Chicago Tribune after attending the opening night!

Finally some good news to share relating to young adults and drug addiction.  This story and these young people are proof that people can change. It also reminds us all that humans are strong and that there are surprises yet to be discovered in all of us!

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Hard work and achievement lead to much-needed timeout!

Hi all, please visit over at ChicagoNow. I shared a short story about the latest in Emily and Abby Land…….One I think we all can learn from.

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