4 thoughts on “Been a long time, I’m trying!

  1. I stopped by. Hi, Amanda. I hope your post doesn’t mean that things aren’t going well for A. Writer’s block? It happens. What I usually do is just let it go until something pops into my mind…and THEN let the words zip. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a “pretty post.” Plenty of people will relate to what you write. Don’t worry about being original or particularly creative. Write YOU. I think you’ll be surprised. Just let the words flow. You’ll get to the kernel of what needs to be said.


    • Hi Maggie! So good to hear from you! I always think about you! Abby is good, actually no seizures at all since MArch 4. She is having a fun summer and living a “normal” life. I am still cautious for her of course. I think after writing so much about her I pulled back feeling like maybe I shared too much. I do have writers block, but then again,I have a flood of ideas but then think they are too personal. I’ll get back into it, I’m sure. Great to hear from you. Shoot me an email and let me know how things have been going… 🙂


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