Mario Casciaro gets 26 years in prison

I’ve been following this case for the Chicago Tribune, for many years, years before Brian Carrick’s mom, Terry, died and was able to see an arrest in the death and disappearance of her 17-year-old son. Lawyers are planning an appeal for Mario Casciaro, who also was just a young man when Carrick disappeared from his family’s grocery store.  The end all result of this senseless tragedy is that two families are in pain because of the actions of children, teenagers, kids really by all definition, who acted without thought for their actions. These are not bad people, but people who got caught up in bad behaviors. Please read story currently online at the Chicago Tribune. There will be updates throughout the day. Until next time …..

Updated print version of Mario Casciaro story,0,4953168.story,0,1455576.story


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