Helping Clara Kirk help others

Dear friends and family,

This is the first time I have taken on a challenge like this one, but let me tell you, this is a challenge I am happy to take on.

I have committed to helping Clara Kirk, founder of Clara’s House and Clara’s Place in Chicago’s destitute Englewood neighborhood. She is the tiny 72-year-old woman you may have seen on the local news in October asking for help to turn the heat back on at her two shelters where dozens of abused and homeless children and their mothers have found refuge.

Though an anonymous donor has since come forward to pay the gas bill, she is still in need of funds to buy everything from toothpaste to bedding, towels, clothing. You name it, she said, anything that you have in your own house is what she needs.

On our worst day, these women and children have it much worse.

If you are reading this blog on your lap top or iPhone, you already know you have it way better than these poor children and women that Clara has dedicated her entire life to helping.

Do please help me to reach my goal of $500 by Dec. 21.

Link below. Until next time …..

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