Still holding my breath ….

Our lives have been flipped upside down in recent weeks. I wrote a post over on Chicago Now about what has been going on in our lives here at home. My daughter’s medical issue has consumed me and fear has taken over. But she is strong and full of surprises and she amazes me. So please visit and share your thoughts. In case anyone is concerned that maybe I should not have written about her, I asked her if it was OK and she said it was. See, she amazes me!

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Still holding my breath ….

  1. Well written. Your life is not defined by the easy times, it is defined by how you deal with the hard times. For whatever it is worth, I am very proud of the way you and your family have (and continue to) manage this challenge. Your strength will carry you. If you need anything, never hesitate to reach out.


  2. I read your story and I just want to speak up as someone with epilepsy. Your daughter’s attitude is fantastic – cultivate that in her! It is just another medical condition – a serious one, yes, but it can be controlled and life can go on as normal.

    It’s not that rare a condition but people just don’t talk about it. It’s really important to try to combat the stigma of epilepsy, and I love that your daughter doesn’t care that she had a seizure in front of her classmates. They all learned something that day that they will remember – their friend had a seizure and it was scary at the time, but she was ok.

    Your words also touched me because my parents must have felt just like you do.

    I hope your daughter will soon be on the right meds and that all will be well. She sounds like a great girl!


    • Thank you so much Hannah! This all happened in the last month and it is very scary. She still is so OK with it but yes as the mom, seeing her go through this, having a seizure, not knowing when another one will happen, is a terrible feeling. I cannot protect her like I could just little more than a month ago. Please keep in touch with me and feel free to share any insights with me. Take care of yourself and thank you for reaching out to me.


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