Honey Boo Boo Child!

So I have been listing ideas for what to write for my very first entry on my new long-awaited blog entitled simply   “My Stories”.

I reviewed the details of this last week since first setting up the blog.

I want to use this blog to pick up where the Balance Columns (originally published in Chicago Tribune) left off – addressing scenarios, feelings and thoughts I encounter in my travels as a wife, mom, daughter, friend, observer, writer, etc.

So let’s see then, this week in my travels, I started off Monday with a radio show on WGN with Bill Moller.  I met the mother of an Olympian runner, covered a council meeting, covered the trial of a teacher accused of inappropriate behaviors with a student (who then walked out of the courtroom a free man), took my girls to various doctors’ appointments, watched Emily audition for Peter Pan, in which she was cast as an indian. And I was thrilled when I saw that a picture of Emily was posted on a big screen in the middle of Time Square!

What else? Oh yeah, went apple picking with Abby and a couple of dear friends. I also attended a family wedding shower and met a woman who said she will officiate the wedding as she is an ordained minister for the on-line Church of Life. Huh? Never heard of that before, I find that interesting.

Oh, and let’s talk about the news this past week:  the presidential conventions, Hurricane Isaac and how about all the antics surrounding the Drew Peterson trial, and the guilty verdict that wrapped up the month long ordeal.

So, you see I have lots of topics to draw from.

But what is the one thing that I cannot shake from my exhausted brain?

Honey Boo-Boo Child! Seriously.

Alana Thompson, 6, star of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” on TLC. That little girl, first seen on “Toddlers and Tiaras”, cracks me up with her pure, honest, innocent whimsy.

Her laughter, her spirit, her simple take on everyday moments, her love for her pet pig “Glitzy” (that was given away, devastating her to tears) and her efforts to win that elusive pageant crown.

My favorite moment so far on the program- that includes mom, June, dad, Sugar Bear, and three sisters (one 16 and pregnant) – was when she stood up in front of the family huddled around their small couch and started waving her hands in the air and said “Mama look I’m dancing to the song I’m making up in my head….”

I was crying I was laughing so hard!

Oh and I love all the new terminology I’m learning like “vigigglejaggle” (not sure how to spell but I think it means the extra skin some heavier folks show off when they ought be more covered.)

I find them a kind and harmless family.

Now, I have read a few posts on line, on Facebook and other sites, and I am disappointed at all the meanness and bullying targeted at this family.

Yes they are poor, they do not have the healthiest diets, yes they are southern and refer to themselves as red necks, they appear to have little education and even less money.  They don’t care about material items or fancy cars and big houses.

To these people throwing stones, I point out the good I have seen in this family — nothing but love and kindness for Alana and each other. They laugh, they hang out together, they even held “Christmas in July” to give toys to local kids who do not have much. Remember, they also do not  have much.

Further more, it is clear beauty pageants are not cheap, yet they do whatever they can so that little girl can participate.

From what I read on Examiner.com, Kardashian mom Kris Jenner criticized the family saying they are exploiting Alana for money and she cannot understand why America is so fascinated by them.


Apparently it was reported by Radaronline.com that she went so far as calling the family  “classless.”


Don’t you also have a reality show detailing all of your family’s antics Ms. Kardashian?  And doesn’t one of your daughters have a sex tape? Oh well, maybe it’s a “classy” sex tape.

Don’t judge. Don’t bully. If you choose to see the negative in people, beware because it will come back on you one day, and you will not like it.

I think they are sweet and they are kind and we need way more people with such qualities in the world and fewer self-absorbed Kardashians and murderous Drew Petersons.

We need more days to meet fascinating, successful people, dance and sing,  and go apple picking – and less time to stand in judgement of others.

Please leave your comments and check in next Monday for another entry in “My Stories”.