Another take on the disappearance of Brian Carrick – new podcast retells the mystery

Amanda Marrazzo

On the evening of Dec. 20, 2002 in a small Illinois town near the Wisconsin border a 17-year-old boy went missing.Carrick Poster

To many this first sentence will spark a complicated web of details, names, courtroom testimony, rumors and alleged lies in the yet unsolved disappearance and presumed murder of Brian Carrick.

The story has been a part of my life since 2007 when I first sat down with Brian’s mother, Terry. Brian was one of her 14 children. She and her husband raised their large Catholic family in a white house that set across the street from Val’s grocery store. Many of the Carrick children had worked at Val’s at one time or another. Val’s is where her son Brian, 11th of her 14 children, was last seen alive.

Though his blood was found in and around a produce cooler at Val’s, her son’s body has never been found. Authorities…

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One thought on “Another take on the disappearance of Brian Carrick – new podcast retells the mystery

  1. This Podcast is so good!! I thought I was familiar with this case but they’ve presented new facts I had no clue about! The fact that they are bringing forth new stuff directly from police documents and court reports is mind blowing, how did this stuff not come out a decade ago?! Loving this podcast and can’t wait for the end!!


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