Family’s reaction to conviction in decade-old cold-case with no body

Dear family, friends and followers:

I wrote a story in the Chicago Tribune today about reactions of the families in the aftermath of Mario Casciaro’s conviction in the murder and disappearance of Brian Carrick.

Brian, a 17-year-old boy, described as small, skinny, sweet and funny,  was last seen on Dec. 20, 2002 running up the stairs to his bedroom in his family’s large, white farmhouse where he was raised with his large, Irish Catholic family – with 13 siblings.

He was last seen by co-workers in the grocery store where he worked as a stock boy, located right across the street from his home, at the back of a produce cooler arguing with known felon Shane Lamb, described as “the muscle” – “the intimidator” of a small rural town drug ring.

Again I say there are no winners. This is a sad story all around about youth and poor choices. I have followed this case for many years. I have come to know the families on both sides of this case and they are very nice people who love their sons and brothers.

I welcome your comments and questions. It is a confusing case to understand. But prosecutors say they did what they had to in order to hold someone accountable for the loss the Carricks have suffered. Prosecutors say they will continue to investigate where the 17-year-old stock boy’s body is.

For more background search my blog. There are several stories posted from the trial that ended Tuesday. Until next time, love each other.,0,3812487.story

2 thoughts on “Family’s reaction to conviction in decade-old cold-case with no body

  1. So sad! It seems that it is only partial justice to me so it feels unfinished. There were a lot of bad choices made here. A boy choosing to sell drugs, a boy choosing to sell drugs and keep the money, two boys getting greedy, a boy asking another boy to hurt a boy for money, the boy not just hurt but killed the boy, two boys not getting help for the boy, two boys hiding the fact that the boy had died, one or two boys doing something to hide the body forever, sad, sad, sad! And now, one boy is dead, lives of many forever changed, one boy feeling he did nothing wrong yet held accountable for the death, the boy meant to hurt, yet kills and gets to walk away probably feeling he got away with something. Feels unfinished and unfair.

    The truth is, there is a boy that got involved in something he shouldn’t have that wound up dead. More truth is that two boys are not facing the truth of how their actions have affected others. Their intention may not have been to kill, but the result of their actions is that a boy died. Sad. It feels unfinished!


    • You are so right Keri! This story is not over….We need to find the body, and Shane will be back in the news very soon I’m sure….A lot of broken hearts here. Thank you for reading and commenting!


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