Case goes to verdict today, second link to updated story added.

Amanda Marrazzo


Dear friends, family and followers: here is how I spent my Spring Break. I’ve been hold up in a McHenry County courtroom. But I believe in all things there is a lesson to be learned.

My take away? Always tell the truth, know who your friends are and who your friends’ friends are and who your kids’ friends are. Be mindful of your words and actions. Humans are complicated.

Please click or paste link below. THERE IS A SECOND LINK ADDED

Soon I’ll update this blog post with an end of the day recap from today/Monday in court. Remember there has never been a body found. This is the tragedy in this twisted, lie-ridden tale of sin and redemption. Tomorrow each lawyer will give their final closing arguments to jurors. Then the jurors will deliberate. Mario Casciaro’s fate will finally be determined – after…

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