Hello friends, family and followers.

Tonight, I wrote on Bittersweet over at ChicagoNow a short post on baby Jonylah Watkins funeral that took place  today before hundreds of mourners in a south side church.

I know I’ve talked and written a lot about our personal situation here at home, and I so appreciate all the support and love we as a family have felt in return. I have met so many new people out in the “bloggosphere” who are dealing with exactly the same thing we are. The support has been so uplifting and educational. It helps me so much I can’t even put it all into words (too funny right, since that is what I do, put feelings into words).

But today I wanted to sing a different song, and felt Jonylah deserved some time in my heart and in all of our thoughts.

Please see ChicagoNow (link below) “like” share, comment, and let me know you stopped by. Please click follow on Amandamarrazzo.com and type in your email on the Bittersweet page at ChicagoNow. Thank you for all your love and support.

We are on our way now to Abby’s school for her choir and band concert. Thank God we get to do that. Jonylah’s mom will never be able to do that with her daughter. Puts everything in perspective.

Until next time….


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