On this, the one week point passed this horrible tragedy, I felt the need to re-share this blog one more time before it disappears into the blogasphere and the days, weeks, months and years pass us all by and we all forget what was lost…..innocence in a small, quite town.

Amanda Marrazzo

Where was God this week?

Where was God on Friday morning about 9:30 a.m. East Coast time? Was He shopping at the mall? Was He in a traffic jam? Was He on vacation? Was He sitting at his desk? Was He just not paying attention? Did He not know that some lunatic with guns was breaking windows to enter into a school and then murdering precious little children?

How dare He not be there. How dare God not keep them safe.

I think this is a normal reaction, whether you are a good, faithful Christian or not.

But here is my answer, I believe God was there. He was in that elementary building with his arms wrapped so tight around all of those innocent children and their loving teachers who fought so hard, many with their lives, to protect His most beloved. He carried their tender souls to Heaven where…

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