Hello world!

Dear visitors,

I am so excited to share my new blog with you! For me this long-anticipated blog is a site where I have collected all of  my work that is printed and on-line in the Chicago Tribune and Triblocal. I’ll also use this to post my audio from radio appearances on the Bill Moller show.

Further more, I intend on using this site as a platform to write a series of  original weekly personal columns, similar to the Balance Columns I wrote for the Chicago Tribune last year before the paper did a redesign and put the column on a permanent hiatus.

If you are interested in learning what the Balance Columns look like you will find a sampling on my page. For about a year and half I wrote about  family, friends, relationships, daily interactions and feelings that connect each and everyone of us on this big, beautiful planet.

I am open to any input or thoughts on column ideas. I ask that you “follow” me and share in my journey.  I have a vague idea of where I’d like to go with this and when I know more you will know too!

I am so excited to have this place to express and share my stories and create new ones. I am equally excited to have your input guide the steps I take with this site.


Amanda Marrazzo

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. With you all the way, you have a gift of writing about familys, and Mary and I have a few stories about one of your closest friends. Go Gal and God Bless


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