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My name is Amanda Marrazzo. I have been a professional journalist for more than 20 years. I have written hundreds of  news and feature stories, typed zillions of words for an array of major newspapers – Life Newspapers, Waukesha Freeman, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Indianapolis Star, and for the last ten-plus years the Chicago Tribune.

I have written many feature stories for various regional magazines – Indianapolis Woman, St. Charles and St. Charles Business Magazine in St. Charles County in Missouri.  I also have been a regular feature contributor to Lake County Magazine, McHenry County Magazine and Kane County Magazine.

Career highlights so far, have included being invited as a return guest on WGN Radio’s Bill Moller weekend show to discuss various personal columns featured in Chicago Tribune. Another notable experience was working as an on-air consultant for ABC News 20/20 for the hourlong news feature “Mystery on Johnsburg Road.”

Life is a patchwork of stories and I have been fortunate to help tell many of those stories.

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  1. How wonderful to see all of your great writing chronicled on this blog. You are a joy to work with and real pro, Amanda.


    • Wow, so funny you should ask about her at this time… Her name has been back on the court docket in recent months. She has been with department of social services in a supervised living facility somewhere I am not sure where, though I have an idea…. If you recall she had been found not guilty by reason of insanity due to postpartum depression. Her lawyer says that she is seeking to gain some independence and to be allowed to live with family. I have no clue how that will play out just yet, these things take so much time. I saw her a couple of times in court and she really looked good, she had on make up and her hair looked nice. So I am tracking her court dates again. There probably will be a hearing at some point. Oh and he baby boy recovered well. He was treated and developing well. A few years back I did talk to his dad and he was grateful to the doctors for helping him and they said he may never even know what happened to him.. Thanks for asking!


  2. Keith Doolin, innocent man on Calif death row, state till not release him. Why? Framed, conspiracy? Proven innocent by DNA & Innocent Project.


  3. Amanda, I read your story today in the Chicago Tribune. I have met Patrick Rummerfield who was, yes was a paraplegic after a car accident. He now walks and uses his body as you or I would. I urge you to read Green Bananas.


  4. Hi Amanda,
    I am working on the William Ross case for a television production.
    Would like to get in touch with you to discuss the case.
    Is there a way to reach you directly?
    Many thanks


  5. Amanda-
    I read your articles on Richard Stephenson and his pending divorce settlement. I am wondering if you would be interested in hearing about a more typical divorce and the systemic disregard for the family and the completely unchecked system that causes petitioners and respondents to spend through life savings to get to an equitable resolution. I am trying to understand the role of the court in pushing former couples to settle, only to basically keep kicking the can down the road of financial ruin.

    I have a close friend, two plus years in, all marital money gone, retirement funds now being used with bankruptcy looming and what I think would appear to any logical person as questionable attorney conduct and potential judicial malfeasance. He would be interested in sharing his experience and all court documents necessary to provide a balanced view of the situation and maybe help prevent someone else from getting caught in the same situation. And for him there is no end sight.


  6. Hi Amanda,
    I read your Chicago Tribune article of July 8, 2017, “Man gets” and I’m wondering if this family is getting any help? Thank You.


  7. On Aug 9, in the Chicago Tribune, you covered the sad story of Allania Yarber and mentioned a gofundme site started by Allania’s sister to help with the care of her two sons. I am not certain that the page I found on that site is for this family as the names are different. Do you have confirmed gofundme account information for this family? Thank you


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