Bully Awareness Month discussed on Bittersweet.com

Bullying is a very important topic. Being aware of bullying can even be a life or death situation, as we have seen all too often in the news.

To anyone who has a child or ever was a child or plans to have children in the future, or works with children in any capacity, please visit me over at Bittersweet and also browse the internet. Lots of good information on recognizing the signs of bullying and what to do to help our children.


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2 thoughts on “Bully Awareness Month discussed on Bittersweet.com

  1. Great article, Amy. Poor Abby!! WTF!! Tracy’s son, Kevin, was just “bullied” by being nominated for freshman homecoming court as a joke. Twitters were going around to vote for an unpopular boy and one twitter included Kevin’s picture! Others were also nominated as a joke, including one obese kid and a girl with autism. Tracy spoke to the vice principle and principle and we are all surprised by their lack of seriousness over this. Steve called the parents of one of the boys. Tracy suggested they eliminate the homecoming court for the freshman to send a message. The principle said no, this is “tradition” and they are proud of the diversity of the kids that get nominated. Of course, Tracy had Kevin’s name removed from the ballot. Luckily, Kevin is very thick skinned and didn’t care (but you know deep down it has to hurt). Tracy is friends with the mom of another boy that this happened to and he was so upset. He thought these boys were his friends and his mom had to tell him that they were making fun of him. He even stayed home from school over it. Poor kid!! And his parents are going through a divorce right now. Feel so sorry for him. I still can’t believe the school didn’t take this more seriously!!! What if some kid in the future gets nominated as a joke and kills himself?!?! Anyway, just wanted to share this with you. Don’t tell Tracy I told you cuz not sure if she wants me telling people.

    Hope all is well and I REALLY miss you!!! xxoo



    • Oh my god Terri! My heart is so so so heavy right now for Tracy’s son and for the other kids who were nominated as a joke! I am just sick! That school made a wrong choice in not eliminating the freshman court all together! You should really go to the media with this story Terri, I’m being so serious, that is terrible! Did you hear recently about that coach from some high school somewhere just last week or so, he punished his whole football team because of a few who were bullying! I love that man, if I find that story I’ll send it to you! I really miss you too my friend, love you! Praying for Tracy’s son and those other poor kids! That is just terrible! Disgusting behavior and it is being backed up by the school officials! Bullshit!


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